Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I was astonished to 'discover' this Banksy more than a year after his visit, still totally in tact. I had known of its existence but I never found it and had assumed it was long gone. For anyone who does not know, Banksy is the most famous street artist in the world and one of the most famous current artists in general. for more of his new orleans work, look here: Banksy In NOLA

Although I am a huge fan of art, I strongly dislike talking for more than a few seconds about any piece of work other than to describe it. What I mean is, I like to let the art speak for itself and don't want to hear about composition or context or anything like that. The more ways you have of analyzing a piece of art, the less chance that it will be able to cut through and touch you, even if those methods of analysis do let you appreciate certain aspects of the work. I will say the use of the crack in the wall is interesting and I will also note that the work is fenced off because the patio that must be crossed looks like it was hit by an earthquake.

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