Sunday, December 27, 2009

I have things to say about all of these photos

This house does not look like it belongs in NOLA. That is why it belongs in NOLA.

This piece of art definitely changed my life. After I realized that things like this were all around, I could not stop exploring. Also, as you can see from the following photo, this fuel station is one of the most visually striking abandoned buildings in the city. The truck looks like it is out of a movie set or something and READER's message on the pumps just adds to the overall flavor of the place. I think the location is Washington and S. Galvez (yes I keep a map in my room)

Abandoned pool near Xavier. I have posted art from this area but not such a clear shot of the pool I don't think. Or maybe I have. Who cares?

This piece (no longer with us) lived very close to me. I loved seeing it almost every day because it reminded me that New Orleans is so special that people come here from other cities and risk arrest to help decorate the city.

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